Bridges Workshops

Disability Awareness Training

This program fosters sensitivity and awareness regarding the needs of persons with disabilities, encourages appropriate methods of interacting with persons with disabilities, provides appropriate activities and exercises to enhance sensitivity, understanding and empathy, and promotes physical and attitudinal inclusion. This training program is structured in modules which can be tailored for the needs of any organization or group. The modules can include vision, hearing, communication, mobility, aging.

Colour Spectrum Workshops

ColourSpectrums is a personality styles and human communications model presented to groups in an interactive and entertaining workshop format.

Participants sort the four colourfully illustrated attribute cards to identify their natural ColourSpectrums - a combination of the 4 developmental areas of personality development.

Participants are guided through a process of self-reflection, group discussions and activities to discover and celebrate diverse personality development.

ColourSpectrums is presented in a positive atmosphere of discovery that focuses on existing natural strengths and emerging human potential.

This dynamic process creates the magical language of ColourSpectrums that naturally enhances self-esteem and team-esteem.

ColourSpectrums incorporates insights (ah-ha learning) and humour (ha-ha learning) with practical applications for dynamic change.

Sound Sense: Save your Hearing for the Music

Bridges Support Services in partnership with The Hearing Foundation of Canada offers this fun and educational program for children in grade six, in Alberta. The issue of noise induced hearing loss is becoming epidemic with the growing environmental noise we experience on a daily basis. The program is primarily intended to assist youngsters in recognizing the need to protect their hearing so they can enjoy music, communication and other pleasant auditory experiences for as long as possible.

Your Third Ear

This program invites you and your communication partner to join the facilitator for an enlightening experience to find out what your third ear is and how you can develop it. Included is discussions about your hearing and how it works, benefits of wearing hearing aids vs. not wearing hearing aids, communication and coping skills, emotional impact of hearing loss on everyone and what resources are available in the community.

Healthcare: Communication Acessibility Programs (H-CAP)

Hospitalization and medical/dental treatments can be a frightening experience for those with hearing loss. This interactive workshop trains hospital personnel in techniques in communication so they may care for their patient more effectively. Simulation exercises enhance their understanding and increase participant's comfort level in dealing with hard of hearing patients often labeled "difficult."